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BC Women in Law Enforcement

British Columbia Women in Law Enforcement (BCWLE) is a non-profit organization whose vision is to strengthen, unite and promote women in law enforcement in the province of British Columbia.

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Membership has its benefits! Become a member today and make a difference in an ever-changing policing world by sharing your knowledge, experience, and skills with other BCWLE members.


Training opportunities, socials and awards banquets, all to provide opportunities for connection, networking and growth.


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Membership has its benefits! Become a member today and make a difference in an ever-changing policing world by sharing your knowledge, experience, and skills with other BCWLE members.

  • “My name is Carolyn Daley and I served during a time when women's rights to equal employment were in their infant stages. Even discussions on whether or not women required or deserved health insurance and other such 'perks' were up for discussion (the assumption being that they would be covered by their husbands').

    The early '70's were a time when the role of women in policing was only an experiment (according to some) and that women actually belonged on the telephones, behind the radio dispatchers desk, filing reports for future reference and taking minor reports over the telephone. This would allow more men to work the streets in Patrol and other operational assignments.

    "Not so" we 'newbies' had to prove time and time again. The fact we dared to gather for a 'policewoman's BBQ' ( which we needed just to create some kind of acceptance between the senior women and the junior women of the day) caused quite a stir within the male ranks and the practise soon fell away as the even younger women coming on became shy of the event. Our uniforms were designed for looks rather than usefulness. There was no back pocket for our notebooks, room for only one pen or pencil in our shirt, and snap on belt loops that left your holstered firearm, portable radio, handcuffs and flashlight dangling from your waist when the belt was undone (for certain reasons :-) Speaking of the belt, we carried the same equipment as the men on our waist, but were issued with a normal 'civilian' belt to hold it all - rather than the proper gun belt with keepers.

    Anyway, I said all that because things did evolve and that evolvement has produced the strong, capable, competent women leaders in policing today. They in turn have created, supported and continue to drive the BC Women in Law Enforcement organization. I, and those of my generation who know about you, are so very proud to know that the few paths we trod during our days provided enough solid ground for the rest of you to thrive and prosper.

    I offer my sincere congratulations to all women in law enforcement today and to the supporters of the BCWLE now and in the future. Continuing the education and development of our female presence in law enforcement is critical and organizations such as BCWLE are essential for that to occur. Thank you for all you have done and are doing.”

    Carolyn J. Daley, Vancouver Police Department

    DCC (retired), Served 1975-2003

  • “Listening to a few of the senior female leaders and officers speak about the challenges they have faced in their careers, how they overcame those challenges, and knowing that none of us are alone in facing unique challenges in policing as women, was inspiring and empowering. If you are a female police officer, it doesn’t matter how much service you have, I highly recommend joining the BCWLE where you can meet your sisters in uniform, share your experiences, find a mentor or be a mentor, and feel encouraged by your peers as you continue in your policing career. This career is an incredible journey, and it’s even better when we as women can build a strong foundation of support and unity for each other.”

    Anne-Marie Clark, Surrey Police Service


  • “As a Police Trainer for 20 years, and now as a Recruit Coordinator, I realize that I don’t have all the answers and sometimes an answer coming from a different source can be better received especially if that source is relatable to the person asking the question. I see BCWLE providing that, a network of professionals possessing a variety of backgrounds, skills, and advice that I can reach out to for guidance or confidently direct a new recruit. Having been trained by and partnered with a number of female members; as a father to a daughter; a husband to a professionally employed wife; and a brother to a business owner sister, I am all for an organization that seeks to support and celebrate the strengths of women in policing. This is especially important in the current climate, now is the time to support one another and BCWLE is a means to that end.”

    Cst. Dan Pain, Vancouver Police Department

    Constable, Recruit Training Coordinator

  • “My interest in BCWLE was two-fold. I was excited at the prospect of expanding the net-working opportunities for the BC Sheriff Service with other law enforcement agencies, and more importantly having a safe place where all ranks and departments can share their experiences as women working in a predominately male sector. I was extremely fortunate and proud when in April I was asked to join the Executive Advisory Board. I am grateful to have this opportunity to affect change for the women I work with, as well as having an avenue to recognize, develop and promote our future female leaders.”

    Koreen Carl, British Columbia Sheriff Service

    Fraser Region Superintendent

  • “As a female working within a predominantly male career it is important for women to come together to support each other. In my 9 years of policing, I have been looking for something like the BCWLE that provides support, discussion and opportunities for all identifying female members within Law enforcement in BC. I have been looking for women leaders in Policing as mentors to help guide me through my career as a Police woman and the BCWLE is just that.”

    Cst. Nicole Braithwaite, West Vancouver Police

    Community Policing, School Liaison Officer

  • “It’s amazing to have a new support network of female colleagues, who were able to laugh and cry with me, sharing situations I may not have been comfortable talking about with my male colleagues. Having a local group is amazing. The ability to meet in person, form personal connections and share ideas locally is such a blessing. To have a community of like-minded, caring and compassionate women supporting and lifting each other up is so beneficial for us in many ways. I am very excited for the future of women in policing locally and on a global scale.”

    Cst. Chantal Sears, RCMP White Rock

    Community Response & Media Relations Officer

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