BCWLE offers awards in four categories.  All four categories are open to peace officers and civilian professionals in law enforcement.

Leadership Award

To be awarded to a female officer who distinguishes herself by demonstrating a continuing long-term commitment to leadership, using exceptional personal skills, leading teams and team building, developing others, organizational skills and administration that has an outstanding positive impact within her agency or area of responsibility.

Leadership Award Criteria

Mentoring & Coaching Award

To be awarded to a female officer who distinguishes herself by her support, assistance and development of women in law enforcement by focusing on their career aspirations, their ongoing personal development and/or producing training programs or policies which enhance the role of women in policing.

Mentoring & Coaching Award Criteria

Ally Award

To be awarded to an individual (peace officer or civilian professional), who advocates for and significantly contributes to a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in law enforcement. This individual openly promotes EDI and is committed to the advancement of women in law enforcement.

Ally Award Criteria

Innovation Award

To be awarded to an individual (female peace officer or civilian professional) or group, who demonstrates an innovative and unique achievement in the implementation of a program(s) and/or initiative(s), which has enhanced the effectiveness of law enforcement and the communities in which they work. This award intends to identify those who break new ground and have been successful in the creation of a novel program and/or initiative for law enforcement or the communities they serve.

Innovation Award Criteria


Submissions are now closed. Thanks to all who sent in nominations. Award recipients were be announced at the 2023 BCWLE Conference & Awards Luncheon on April 13, 2023 at the Coast Langley Hotel & Convention Centre. 

Please review the rules and policy, as well as the selection criteria and scoring rubric for each category. For any questions about BCWLE awards, please email For information about the 2023 BCWLE award winners, click here.

Awards Policy

Awards Rules