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Board of Directors

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Amber McElroy


Amber has been a proud member of the Vancouver Police Department since 2004.  She has worked in operations, Neighbourhood Policing, surveillance, undercover with the BCMUP…
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Janine Tanino

Sgt at Arms

Janine started her career in B.C. Corrections and later joined the Vancouver Police Department in 2006 working at the Vancouver Jail. In working with police…
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Juliette Link

Vice President

Before joining the Vancouver Police Department, Juliette earned a master’s degree in Computer Science and worked in the technology industry for 7 years. She volunteered…
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Shawna Baher


Shawna has been an RCMP Member for over 31 years and completed all of her service in British Columbia. She has been stationed on Vancouver…
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Tara Korber


Constable Tara Korber has been a member of the Delta Police Department since 2019 and is currently assigned to the Patrol Division. During her time…
Profile image of Judy Ng

Judy Ng

Information Technology

Judy first met a police officer in grade 4 when a female constable visited her class to give a presentation.  The first computer programmer she…
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Michele Sealey

Media Relations

Michele Sealey comes from a family with an affinity for public service and law enforcement, so it’s not surprising that she followed in the footsteps…
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Lana Chui

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Lana Chui has over two decades of experience working in the field of law enforcement. Lana joined the RCMP in 2006 and has 17 years…
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Shelby Priest

Professional Development

Shelby has been a member with Delta PD for 2 years.  Prior to going into policing she attended Simon Fraser University, completing her Bachelor of Arts…
Profile image of Amanda Dodgson

Amanda Dodgson

Executive Liaison

Amanda is so thrilled and excited to serve as the Executive Liaison Director. To this position Amanda brings a varied policing background of 18 years…
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Shannon Olesen


Shannon has been with the VPD since 2003 working in Patrol and Traffic. She is one of the first ten women to be a Motor…

Board of Trustees

Profile image of Jodyne Keller

Jodyne Keller

As a founding member of BCWLE and past Vice President, Jodyne is proud to continue on with the Board of Trustees. Jodyne was hired by…
Profile image of Barbara Martens

Barbara Martens

Barb retired from the Vancouver Police in 2022 after 20 years in policing to pursue her new career as an elected Councillor with the Township…
Profile image of Tanya McLachlan

Tanya McLachlan

Tanya was hired by the Vancouver Police Department in 1999. Tanya has worked as a patrol officer in the Downtown Business District, as an Evidence…
Profile image of Maureen Ing

Maureen Ing

Maureen started with VPD as a civilian in May 1979 and has completed 41 years of service in Records, Traffic Services, Emergency Operational and Planning…
Profile image of Harleen Bath

Harleen Bath

Harleen Bath has been with the RCMP for 16 years in various detachments throughout the Lower Mainland of BC. Having worked in a variety of…
Profile image of Lindsay Soo-Chan

Lindsay Soo-Chan

Constable Lindsay Soo-Chan served nearly 14 years with the Federal Government having worked with the Department of Citizenship & Immigration Canada, Correctional Service Canada and…
Profile image of CJ Kyle

CJ Kyle

CJ Kyle began her policing career with Delta Police in 1990 and joined Transit Police in 2013 as a Staff Sergeant in Professional Standards. CJ…
Profile image of Kaitlyn Garcia

Kaitlyn Garcia

Katie is currently in her eleventh year of policing with the Delta Police Department. She spent her first five years in Patrol, her next three…
Profile image of Anne-Marie Clark

Anne-Marie Clark

Anne-Marie has been a police officer for over 15 years. She spent the first 13.5 years of her career working for the VPD – she…
Profile image of Natasha Bruce

Natasha Bruce

Natasha is 16 year member with West Van Police and from a large policing family. Her father, a retired NCO RCMP mbr, would help female…

Advisory Committee

Profile image of Kim Campbell

Kim Campbell

Inspector Kim Campbell has been with the Delta Police Department since 1996. In 2021, Kim took on a new role as the OIC of the…
Profile image of Koreen Carl

Koreen Carl

Koreen first joined BC Sheriff Services in 1996 as an auxiliary at the New Westminster Law Courts. In 2009, after ten years as a regular…
Profile image of Michelle Davey

Michelle Davey

Deputy Chief Michelle Davey is a 25 year member, having served 24+ years with the Vancouver Police Department. In 2021, Michelle took on a new…
Profile image of Paulette Freill

Paulette Freill

Deputy Chief Constable Paulette Freill joined the Abbotsford Police Department at the beginning of November 2017, after a successful 32-year career with the RCMP. From…
Profile image of Anita Furlan

Anita Furlan

Anita joined the RCMP in 1998. She held a variety of posts, including being part of the Border Integrity Team, the Integrated Gang Task Force,…
Profile image of Jennifer Hyland

Jennifer Hyland

Deputy Chief Hyland’s policing career spans more than 23 years in both municipal and RCMP policing. She is known as an accomplished and approachable leader…
Profile image of Kara Triance

Kara Triance

Superintendent Kara Triance is the Officer in Charge of the Kelowna Detachment.  Supt. Triance began her career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 2000,…
Profile image of Leslie Stevens

Leslie Stevens

Leslie grew up in Montreal’s West Island neighborhood participating in competitive sports from a young age and earning a Diploma in Applied Sciences at John…
Profile image of Lisa Byrne

Lisa Byrne

Superintendent Lisa Byrne has been a member of the Vancouver Police Department since 2000, becoming a Superintendent in 2020. She began her career in uniform…
Profile image of Nina Patel

Nina Patel

Nina Patel is the Regional Director General for the Pacific Region of Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), which is considered one of the most geographically…
Profile image of Michelle Tansey

Michelle Tansey

Inspector Michelle Tansey has been a member of the RCMP since 2002, becoming an Inspector in 2020.  She began her career as a Reserve Constable…