British Columbia Women in Law Enforcement (BCWLE) received a grant from the Motorola Solutions Foundation, the charitable arm of Motorola Solutions. Through this grant, BCWLE has developed a student outreach series to provide information, encouragement, and leadership for youth, especially young women wishing to pursue a career in law enforcement. The program began in 2023 and offered six $2125 scholarships.

BCWLE is proud to present the 2023 scholarship winners:


Samantha Ogbeiwi

“Fearless girls in pursuit of justice
become the change they wish to see.”




Sofia Lyons

“My name is Sofia Lyons and I will be entering my third year studying criminology at SFU. I have a special interest in policing and the importance of diversity in policing. Receiving this scholarship from BCWLE will help me achieve my goal of pursuing a career in law enforcement, as I have an interest in becoming a police officer one day. I hope I will be able to work for a municipal department in the future, such as Delta Police, as I have enjoyed the time I’ve volunteered for that department. It would be fulfilling to give back to the community and serve those who are in need. I support how BCWLE promotes and strengthens women in policing, and the organization has given me the inspiration to continue to follow my goal. I am honoured to receive this scholarship.”




Hannah Bosnell

Hannah is attending post-secondary and later wishes to pursue a career in law enforcement.



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Sophia Loewen

“My name is Sophia Loewen and I am a recipient of the 2023 BC Women in Law Enforcement scholarship. I would like to express my deepest gratitude and honour for this opportunity for mentorship and financial relief.

I am a third-year student at Simon Fraser University majoring in psychology and criminology, with a minor in policing studies. On weekends I volunteer at the Vancouver Police Department and have greatly enjoyed my time in the Crime Watch program.

I have sought a career in law enforcement from a young age and programs such as BCWLE provide women like me with support. I am incredibly grateful to those who saw my passion and potential.

As a full time student, a part time worker and a weekend volunteer, this scholarship will provide me with relief and the ability to delve deeper into my studies. Thank you BCWLE for aiding me towards my professional and education goals!”




Sarah Neal

“I would like to thank the BCWLE for their generous gift towards my education.”




Marcella Levasseur

“Be what you want to be, not what others want to see.”
-G. Avetis