To submit a nomination please download and complete the Nomination Form. Send a copy of your completed form to

Please review the following important information prior to submission of nominee. The information should help ensure that your nomination is complete and contains all required information.

Nominations will be open starting November 15, 2021 and close at midnight PST on January 31, 2022.

No extensions will be granted for award submissions.

Award Criteria:

  1. Leadership

To be awarded to a female officer who distinguishes herself by demonstrating a continuing long-term commitment to leadership, using exceptional personal skills, leading teams and team building, developing others, organizational skills and administration that has an outstanding positive impact within her agency or area of responsibility.

  1. Mentoring & Coaching

To be awarded to a female officer who distinguishes herself by her support, assistance and development of women in law enforcement by focusing on their career aspirations, their ongoing personal development and/or producing training programs or policies which enhance the role of women in policing.


  1. Nominees in law enforcement who have met the criteria while serving in British Columbia may be nominated for an award. 
  2. Nominees may be entered for only one award at a time. 
  3. Describe the nominee’s observed behaviour as compared to the criteria for the category selected. It is important to be detailed, clear and concise in addressing the criteria for each category. 
  4. The evidence must be timely. The completion of the evidence must be within the last three years.
  5. If the nominee meets the criteria for another nomination category, other than the one being nominated for, the award will not be interchanged.
  6. Provide supporting documentation illustrating this observed behaviour, such as awards, letters of appreciation/commendation, performance appraisals, etc. 
  7. The nominator will provide two reference names and phone numbers to allow verification of accuracy of the nomination. 
  8. Nominations must include information concerning any pending legal proceedings arising from any mentioned incident. In such cases, the nominations may be deferred until the legal proceedings are concluded. 
  9. Include a short 250-word biography on the nominee, and a recent color photograph, if available. 
  10. There shall only be one recipient for each award except where there is a joint recipient for the same evidence.  
  11. Unsuccessful nominations cannot be resubmitted in subsequent years unless new and or different evidence is brought to light. 
  12. All nominations, supporting documents, photos and photos from the awards event will become property of BCWLE and will be subject to media usage. 
  13. The nominations must be completed electronically and forwarded to the Chair of the Awards Committee at by January 31, 2022.
  14. The BCWLE President will notify the recipients via telephone. Awards will be presented at the BCWLE annual training conference.
  15. Those chosen are invited to attend the conference. Please note that the nominee or their organization will be responsible to pay all associated costs for travel, accommodation and transportation to attend the conference. Neither the BCWLE nor the conference host organization will cover the related costs to attend.
  16. If the successful nominee elects to attend in person, the BCWLE will pay the conference registration fee for the recipient and a one-year BCWLE membership.
  17. All award recipients will have their nominations forwarded to the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) Awards Program for consideration in their awards process for the same year.

Other Information:

Awards Recognition Program Policy

Nomination Form