It is said that challenge coins originated in WW1 to show pride and unity in a unit, more specifically made for early combat pilots. The coin depicts an emblem or insignia from the unit and is used to prove membership. It is considered a great honor to receive a challenge coin and as a result, many people tend to collect them.

Police challenge coins tell a story. The coin tells a story about a department or an organization and even more important, is the story behind the person who receives one. The coins are unique and usually have a limited production. The coins bring a feeling of belonging to a part of something unique and special.

BCWLE has designed and created our own unique challenge coin. It features our logo, designed specifically for BCWLE, on the front of the coin. The logo shows a person standing tall with pride, supported by a single hand. Such a simple logo, yet this symbolizes so much. We are all strong and yet we recognize that we are stronger with a community supporting us. Additionally, the Pacific Dogwood is featured above the logo which is British Columbia’s official tree. The Pacific Dogwood lives in a mild, moist and temperate climate, which is BC! On the back of the coin is the Canadian Maple Leaf with a map of BC. Equally as important are the words that surround this geographic depiction: “Strengthen, Unite, Promote”. These three words are BCWLE’s vision. 

We have a limited production of this design. You may be one of the lucky ones who is gifted one. Or, you may be the one who does the gifting! They can be purchased for $20 for members and $25 for non-members. Just click on the store button on the home page to get yours today.