As I write this article, I am overwhelmed with the growth of the BCWLE membership. Since our website launched seven months ago, I have had a front row seat as the Membership Director to the growth momentum through department-led membership drives, the support of agency managers in connecting their personnel with our organization and by word of mouth among friends and colleagues.

On March 30 th , the 500 th BCWLE membership was purchased by a police officer working in the Interior of B.C. – such a milestone! That registration is the perfect reflection that an organization founded by a handful of law enforcement personnel in the Lower Mainland of BC has developed throughout the province and beyond.

A pin map has been drafted to reflect the 45 communities in British Columbia where our members work. We hope you enjoy the visual to better reflect where your fellow members are posted. While not added to the map, we do have BCWLE members from across Canada as well, (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario) and an IAWP representative from California, We are grateful for their support and enthusiasm!

Thank you for joining us and for believing in our vision to raise up all women in law enforcement in British Columbia. We hope that you continue to find value in your membership as we work to create new opportunities to connect, to learn and to thrive. It has been an honour to serve you as the BCWLE Interim Membership Director through these exciting months. Do not hesitate to reach out at if I can assist in any way.

Barb Martens
BCWLE Interim Membership Director

2021 04 13 3