Superintendent Kara Triance is the Officer in Charge of the Kelowna Detachment.  Supt. Triance began her career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 2000, posted to Richmond, British Columbia.  Supt. Triance has served in all four districts of the BC RCMP, including two tours of the North District and two postings in the Lower Mainland District. Supt. Triance was Commissioned to Officer in Charge of Sea to Sky RCMP Detachment in November 2016, as the first female police chief of the Sea to Sky.  Her diverse policing career has focused on serious crimes, covert operations, plain-clothes duties, and frontline policing.  Within British Columbia, she has policed Indigenous communities, large and small municipalities, rural and isolated communities, and primarily focused on frontline operational policing and police leadership.  Supt. Triance is the co-chair of the BC Association of Chiefs of Police, Diversity and Inclusion Committee.  She was born and raised in Kelowna, British Columbia and attended the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, studying sociology and criminology during her undergraduate studies.  Supt. Triance’s approach to police leadership is clear:  “I am passionate about policing well.  I set the bar high and I care deeply about people; our communities and our employees.” 

Outside of policing, Kara is a mother, a partner to an incredible teacher, and an engaged community member.  She enjoys biking, skiing, swimming, and triathlons, and she is passionate about being outdoors.  Supt. Triance is a proud member of the BCWLE executive board and hopes to use her role and passions to inspire police officers to become leaders and to support work that creates diversity and inclusion in police agencies in British Columbia.