Superintendent Lisa Byrne has been a member of the Vancouver Police Department since 2000, becoming a Superintendent in 2020. She began her career in uniform in the Downtown Eastside, and has since worked as a Detective in the Gang Crime Unit, the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of BC, the Homicide Unit, and the Sex Crimes Unit.

Lisa is an experienced investigator with more than 15 years of experience in major case management. She was promoted to Sergeant in 2014, and achieved Team Commander accreditation in 2015. Since that time, she has commanded two of the VPD’s largest and most successful multi-jurisdictional investigations including a sex crimes taskforce: Project Shield, and an anti-criminal organization taskforce, Project Tourniquet.

As a Sergeant, Lisa was assigned to the Sex Crimes Unit and the Homicide Unit. She was promoted to Staff Sergeant in 2017 where she was assigned to the Gang Crime Unit. Upon promotion to Inspector, she was assigned to the Court and Detention Services Section.

Lisa was the 2009 Police Officer of the year, has received two meritorious service awards from the Province of British Columbia, and is the recipient of eight VPD Commendations. In 2020, she was inducted by the Governor General of Canada into the Order of Merit of the Police Forces as an Officer.

In addition to being the Past-President of the PMBA, Lisa volunteers her time to ensure the wellness of other members of the VPD and their families throughout the year. Lisa is the daughter of a retired RCMP member, and was raised in rural Alberta. She holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of Alberta. Lisa lives in Burnaby and Whistler with her significant other, Steve, and their dog Lucy.