Natasha is 16 year member with West Van Police and from a large policing family. Her father, a retired NCO RCMP mbr, would help female members during his career.  Although this was not the norm, this type of leadership resonated with Natasha. In fact, it reminds her of BCWLE’S vision and is one of the reasons she joined and shares with other members as to why they should join BCWLE.
Prior to policing, Natasha was the Fundraising and Marketing coordinator for Shakespeare In The Park while attending Mount Royal University in Calgary. She was the lone media/sales/fundraising and donor liaison, and wrote grant submissions and media releases. She found the clothing and helped with the design for the logo for the troupe’s swag. Natasha also worked for the Vancouver Canucks in their promotions department as an Ice Team member and Country Music Television when they were in Calgary.
Natasha has recently taken Media training with Sabrina Furminger and is looking forward to working with the Board and membership alike. Natasha co-authored a book called the  Mombabes a Motherhood Anthology where she writes about her own experience as a police officer and a mom to help other women, especially officers, not feel so alone in their motherhood journey.  Natasha has a blog as well where she writes to support other moms called In 2013 Natasha a created a private Facebook group for police officer wives and partners called Canadian Police Wives which boasts 291 members. Natasha is a mom of three and enjoys acting, working out, camping and family time. Click on contact to send Natasha an email or email her directly at